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Defending against domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | May 8, 2024 | CRIMINAL LAW - Domestic Violence

Domestic violence includes various forms of abuse (such as physical, emotional, and psychological) between intimate partners or family members. It is crucial to understand that accusations of domestic violence are taken very seriously by law enforcement and can have significant legal consequences.

Key defense strategies in domestic violence cases

When accused of domestic violence, there are several defense strategies that you might consider. The first is false accusations. Sometimes, charges are based on false allegations. Proving an accusation as unfounded is an important defense strategy.

Also, demonstrating that your actions were in self-defense, especially if there is evidence of threats by the accuser, can be a viable defense.

Lack of proof is another option you could choose. The burden of proof is on the prosecution. Your defense can focus on the insufficiency of evidence to support the charges against you.

Steps to take if accused

Being accused of domestic violence requires immediate and strategic action.

  • Hire an attorney: Contact a criminal defense lawyer who handles domestic violence cases. An attorney can guide you through the complexities of your case and help develop a strong defense.
  • Avoid contact: Follow any court orders, such as restraining orders. Avoiding contact with the other person involved is crucial to prevent further complications.
  • Gather evidence: Compile any evidence you have, such as text messages, emails, or witness statements that support your defense.

Facing domestic violence charges can be challenging, but understanding your legal rights and options is essential. With the right defense strategy and assistance, you can work towards a resolution that protects your interests.