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Cost-Effective DUI Defense

I have conducted extensive research into the plea bargains being struck by the self-professed DUI “gurus,” “teachers” and “go-to guys” who are charging huge fees for first-offense misdemeanor driving under the influence (DUI) cases. On average, those lawyers are getting their clients the same deals as any other competent attorney who practices criminal defense in Oklahoma. No lawyer can legitimately claim that they don’t ever eventually advise their clients to plead guilty to a DUI charge. Any honest attorney will tell you that an actual DUI charge will usually lead to a guilty plea with some sort of reduced charge – not every time, but more often than not. Yet, some attorneys hide this and attempt to frighten first-time misdemeanor DUI defendants into paying more money than is necessary to avoid a conviction.

My name is Terry L. Pierce, and I will not waste your time or your money. To schedule a meeting to discuss your DUI arrest, call my Norman office at 405-489-4964 or contact me online.

Challenging Evidence And The Legality Of Your DUI Arrest

You may ask: “Does Mr. Pierce have an Intoxilyzer machine in his office?” My answer: “No, I don’t. I’ve successfully defended numerous murder cases, and I don’t have a DNA lab in my office, either.”

If an expert witness is needed to contest the science of the Intoxilyzer or the standardized field sobriety tests (SFSTs) or anything else, then I hire an expert. But, in the vast majority of first-time misdemeanor DUI cases, an expert witness is simply unnecessary. The same goes for a trial – typically, it’s unnecessary. Other lawyers may not tell you this before you pay their fees; they just take more of your hard-earned money to get the same deals. On average, most attorneys plea out the same ratio of first-time misdemeanor DUI charges as any other competent criminal lawyer. When you hire me, no deal will be sought or struck until your case has been thoroughly examined to determine whether a dismissal, reduction to a traffic offense or a trial is a viable alternative to a guilty plea. I am not afraid of the courtroom or the prosecutors (you can see my case history for proof). I have more than 30 years of successful criminal trial experience in weighing facts, reading people, comprehending science and not making mountains out of molehills. In fact, I negotiate eventual dismissals (that means no conviction) for most of my first-time misdemeanor DUI clients. I work to get you results without charging you a fortune.

See why you may want to politely refuse to perform standardized field sobriety tests.

Extensive Experience In First-Time DUI Cases

If you ever have to go to court, then it is in your best interests to be represented by an experienced, reputable lawyer who you trust. You should feel confident that your attorney will actually devote the time and attention to your case needs. That certainly applies to first-time misdemeanor DUI cases. An arrest for a first-time misdemeanor DUI, driving while impaired (DWI), or actual physical control (APC) offense could have serious consequences. These may include fines, court costs, community service and even jail time. However, most prosecutors do not seek jail time for first-time misdemeanor DUI offenders. They focus instead on financial punishment and establish standard recommendations for plea bargains. Any experienced, conscientious trial lawyer (“guru” or not) will gather evidence from both sides and assess the strength of the case against you. If a conviction is likely or certain, the terms of the deal will fall within a standard range of reason within which every lawyer will encourage their client to settle.

What Your First-Time Misdemeanor DUI Will Likely Cost You With Lawyer Fees:

This makes an estimated total cost to you of about $1,925 for the typical first-time DUI experience, not including attorney fees or modified license fees. An interlock device is roughly $1,000 for 12 months of installation. So, why pay huge lawyer fees on top of already having to throw an estimated $3,000 out the window? On your first misdemeanor DUI arrest, you don’t need to be paying more than $1,500 to a lawyer if your state district court case will be resolved without a trial.

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At Pierce Law Firm, P.C., I charge reasonable, competitive legal fees for clients charged with a first-time misdemeanor DUI offense in an Oklahoma district court when a trial is not necessary – and, usually, a trial is not necessary for a first-time misdemeanor DUI charge. Call my Norman office at 405-489-4964 or reach out to me online to speak with me about how little you may have to pay for a serious defense of your first-time misdemeanor DUI charge.