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Protecting The Rights Of Those Accused Of Sex Crimes

In the court of public opinion, people accused of sex crimes are often considered guilty until proven innocent. Even if the accusations are false, the damage to your reputation can affect your career and family life. The consequences of a guilty verdict are severe and will affect you for the rest of your life. It is important to find an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to start building a defense as soon as possible.

I am attorney Terry L. Pierce. For more than 30 years, I have represented clients from across Oklahoma in sex offense cases. I understand what you are going through and the grave repercussions of a guilty verdict. You can count on me to protect your rights, make sure your side of the story is heard and do everything in my power to help you avoid a sex crime conviction.

Defending Common Sex Offenses In Oklahoma

Prosecutors almost always push for maximum punishments in sex crime cases, especially those involving rape or crimes against children. Penalties may include fines, time behind bars and inclusion on the sex offender registry. Listed below are some of the types of cases that I am involved in most often:

  • Sexual abuse of a minor
  • Sexual battery
  • Rape
  • Lewd molestation
  • Prostitution (offering to engage)
  • Pandering and pimping

If you believe that you might be charged with a sex crime, then the time to act is now so that you have the best chance of minimizing negative consequences. Don’t wait for charges to be filed before you start working on your defense. Every minute counts.

Defense Strategies For Sex Offenses

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to get a skilled attorney working on your defense as soon as possible. By the time charges are filed, the prosecutor has already started building the case against you. To prove your innocence or get charges reduced, I need to gather as much information as possible as quickly as possible. Things that may be pivotal to your defense, such as DNA testing and scheduling an evaluation with a forensic psychiatrist, can take months to arrange.

I want as much time as I can get to gather evidence that might allow me to challenge the credibility of the accuser, prove that there is a lack of evidence showing guilt or show that there was a motivation for false accusations, such as revenge or a child custody dispute. Other defense strategies I may pursue include proving that the sexual act was consensual and reviewing the arrest records to see if appropriate interview techniques were used. I will use every insight I have gained in over three decades as a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and make sure you get a fair trial.

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