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Treating People Accused Of Domestic Assault With Dignity

My name is Terry L. Pierce, and when people who have been charged with domestic assault come to me, I take a personalized, comforting approach. Regardless of guilt, these are always emotional cases where everyone involved is traumatized in some way. Untangling an assault case is a delicate operation that requires sympathy for both the accused and the accuser. While a guilty verdict does not automatically derail the life of the accused forever, the stakes are always high. I understand the repercussions of a guilty verdict, and I do everything in my power to minimize the penalties.

Investigating Accusations Of Domestic Assault

Domestic assault cases are all about dealing with legal definitions and interpreting statutes. DNA evidence is not always conclusive. Sometimes, there is a question as to whether there was actually a relationship between the accuser and the accused. If there is not truly a relationship, the charge may change to assault and battery, which has less severe penalties. There are many ways to approach domestic assault charges depending on the specific circumstances surrounding each case.

Taking On Even The Most Challenging Cases

I am not afraid of difficult cases. After practicing law for more than 30 years, I am always ready for demanding cases. When the evidence seems overwhelming, the accused has a criminal record or has served time behind bars, or there are troubling circumstances surrounding the case, I am willing to step in. Every American has the right to defend themselves in court no matter what the charge is. My job is to make sure that my client gets their day in court and has a representative looking out for their best interests.

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