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Putting My Criminal Defense Trial Experience To Work For You

At Pierce Law Firm, P.C., I have been defending drug crimes – via jury trial – since 1990. Though many drug cases can and will be negotiated to a successful resolution without going to trial, remember this: My past trial success is recognized and respected when I am in negotiations with the prosecutor. If you have a tough case, you want a battle-tested lawyer with real courtroom experience. My name is Terry L. Pierce, and I am that lawyer.

Finding Ways To Minimize Penalties And Avoid Convictions When Possible

Whether you have been charged with the possession, sale or manufacture of drugs, I am experienced in challenging questionable evidence and improper enforcement tactics. In every case, I aggressively pursue the best outcome. Even if we can’t get around your guilt, it doesn’t always mean that you’re going to have a mark on your record for the rest of your life. It is sometimes possible to avoid convictions through diversion programs such as DUI/Drug Court, Mental Health Court, Re-Merge, community sentencing and juvenile justice programs.

Defense For Marijuana Charges

After voters failed to pass a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana, only medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma. The state typically comes down hard on those accused of running an illegal grow operation, possession or distribution. Though possession of only a personal amount triggers misdemeanor charges, prosecutors often bring trafficking or intent to distribute charges as well. These charges carry severe punishments even when there is not a large amount of marijuana involved.

If you are facing marijuana charges, it is important to have an experienced attorney who knows how to challenge these offenses in court. I understand the tactics used by prosecutors and take advantage of diversion programs and other means of reducing penalties and avoiding convictions. I have a well-earned reputation for taking care of my clients and making sure they do not get run over by zealous prosecutors.

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