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Criminal Defense Lawyer Vigorously Defending The Rights Of The Accused

When you’re accused of committing a crime, you have certain fundamental rights, but you need strong legal counsel to ensure that authorities honor them. At Pierce Law Firm, P.C., in Norman, I have battled on behalf of Oklahomans for more than 30 years, obtaining justice for defendants in a full range of criminal cases. My name is Terry L. Pierce, and no matter what the specific circumstances might be, prosecutors know my trial record and have seen how hard I fight. I use this reputation for courtroom success to give my clients the best chance at a favorable outcome, whether that occurs through a dismissal, acquittal or favorable plea. Even if you think the evidence against you is overwhelming, I can identify potential defenses that most other lawyers miss.

A Skilled Advocate Taking On Felony Cases Of All Types

Felony charges can lead to prison terms that last decades. You need a skilled attorney in your corner who has a proven record of success in cases involving serious crimes such as:

  • Murder: I understand how to handle high-pressure litigation and deliver the strongest possible argument when someone is accused of murder.
  • Sex crimes: In sex crime cases that involve conflicting claims, I have the skill and background to reveal the truth.
  • Aggravated assault and battery: When serious bodily harm occurs after a physical altercation, authorities often fail to see important facts. I present a thorough narrative of what actually occurred.

From the outset of your case, I make every effort to safeguard your rights and explain your options clearly and completely.

Assisting Individuals Accused Of Drug Crimes

People who are accused of drug offenses need comprehensive support from a seasoned legal counselor. Whether you have been charged with the possession, sale or manufacture of drugs, an effective defender can combat questionable evidence and improper enforcement tactics. Though possession of a personal amount of marijuana and other substances only triggers misdemeanor charges now, prosecutors can still bring trafficking or intent to distribute charges that carry severe punishments, even when a massive amount of drugs is not involved. In every case, I aggressively pursue the best outcome, which could include adjudication in a drug court or treatment in place of incarceration.

Trustworthy Counselor Representing Misdemeanor Defendants

Someone who is convicted of a misdemeanor can be punished by a jail sentence of up to one year, a fine or other types of sanctions. Misdemeanors such as assault, theft and driving under the influence of alcohol also give you a criminal record. I take these matters extremely seriously and conduct a thorough investigation to attack the charges brought against you.

Guidance And Advice On The Expungement Of Your Criminal Record

A criminal record can haunt you for the rest of your life. Even when the alleged misconduct is not especially serious, it might prevent you from getting the home or job that you want. I help Oklahomans expunge arrest records on misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies so that they can put their problems behind them. Depending on your specific situation, I will determine whether you fall within one of the expungement categories. For example, if you received a deferred sentence and completed your probation more than one year ago, I can explain how to clear your record.

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