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Could you lose your housing over a felony charge in Oklahoma?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Felonies

In Oklahoma, individuals facing felony charges may experience severe consequences. One pressing concern may be the potential loss of housing.

The state’s legal landscape raises questions about how a felony charge can affect one’s housing situation.

Lease agreements and criminal background checks

Oklahoma landlords often conduct criminal background checks before approving lease applications. A felony charge can raise red flags during this process, as landlords aim to assess the potential risks of renting to an individual with a criminal record. While not all landlords automatically deny housing based on felony charges, some may hesitate due to concerns about safety and liability.

Eviction and lease termination

Renters make up nearly 40% of the population in Norman. If you are already residing in a rental property when charged with a felony, the situation becomes more complex.

Oklahoma landlords may have grounds for eviction if a tenant’s activities pose a threat to the safety and well-being of other residents or the property itself. The severity of the charge and its relevance to the residential community are factors that landlords consider when deciding whether to pursue eviction.

Public housing and felony disqualifications

Public housing in Oklahoma is subject to federal regulations. Felony charges can lead to disqualifications. Certain criminal convictions, such as drug-related offenses and violent crimes, may render individuals ineligible for public housing programs.

Mitigation strategies

Open communication with landlords about rehabilitation efforts, counseling or completion of court-ordered programs may help. Some landlords may be willing to reconsider their concerns if they have evidence of innocence, personal growth, or commitment to rehabilitation.

A felony charge in Oklahoma usually does not automatically lead to the loss of housing. However, it can complicate the rental process and jeopardize existing leases.