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Who will officers arrest for domestic violence accusations?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Domestic Violence

According to KJRH, Oklahoma has averaged almost 25,000 domestic abuse reports each year since 2011. In the complex realm of domestic violence situations, the question of who may face arrest can be both sensitive and multifaceted.

The outcome of such calls hinges on various factors and the assessment of the responding law enforcement officers.

Stop the threat

When law enforcement responds to a domestic violence call, their primary concern is to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals involved. This includes both the person allegedly attacked and the alleged aggressor. They decide who may face arrest after careful evaluation of the situation.

The aim is to identify the individual who poses an immediate threat or has committed a crime. This means that anyone involved in the altercation, regardless of gender, could potentially be subject to arrest if the evidence points in that direction.

The legal aspects

State law gives officers a lot of power to determine who to arrest on the scene of a domestic violence call. They do not need a warrant as long as they have evidence against the person they place under arrest. Officers also have up to 72 hours after the report to make the arrest.

Officers consider various aspects, such as the severity of the altercation, the presence of injuries and any visible signs of aggression. If they find one person is the primary instigator of violence or is an imminent threat, they may arrest him or her to prevent further harm.

Moreover, the presence of witnesses, video recordings or physical injuries also plays a significant role in making an arrest decision. These factors contribute to a clearer picture of what transpired and who may be responsible.

The goal of law enforcement is not to unfairly arrest someone but rather to ensure the safety of all parties. Sometimes, if both parties have engaged in violence, officers might opt to arrest them both.