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The impact of a domestic violence protective order

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Criminal Defense

Facing a domestic violence order in Oklahoma can have significant consequences that impact various aspects of your life.

Learn more about this so you can take the necessary steps to make it through this challenging situation.

Legal restrictions and consequences

Once the court issues a domestic violence order against you, you must follow the listed legal restrictions and obligations. These may include keeping a certain distance from the person who arranged for the order, their home, workplace or school. Failure to meet these restrictions can lead to legal consequences, such as facing criminal charges or being in contempt of court.

Impact on personal relationships

A domestic violence order can strain personal relationships and have significant social consequences. It may restrict your ability to communicate or interact with family members, children or mutual acquaintances. The order can impact your living arrangements, potentially requiring you to vacate your shared house or find alternative housing.

Employment and professional consequences

An Oklahoma domestic violence order may affect your current job or potential job opportunities, especially if your work involves interacting with vulnerable populations or requires security clearances. Employers often conduct background checks and may consider the existence of a domestic violence order when making hiring decisions.

Loss of firearm rights

Under federal law, a domestic violence protective order can result in the loss of your right to have firearms. This includes both ownership and possession of firearms, as well as ammunition.

Emotional and mental well-being

It is common to experience stress, anxiety, fear and a sense of isolation when dealing with a domestic violence order. Seeking support from trusted friends, family or professional counselors can help you navigate these emotions and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

An Oklahoma domestic violence order has wide-ranging effects on various aspects of your life. But understanding your rights can help you protect your interests and move forward in the best possible way.