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How is kidnapping domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2023 | CRIMINAL LAW - Criminal Defense, CRIMINAL LAW - Domestic Violence

Domestic violence encompasses a range of actions that may occur between people who have some type of relationship. Typically, it is between people in a romantic relationship, but it also includes family members who live together and those who were romantically linked in the past.

Domestic violence may include physical harm, but it also encompasses emotional, social and financial damage one person inflicts on another. One particular crime that may fall under domestic violence is kidnapping.

Understand the elements

Kidnapping in Oklahoma has specific elements that must be present to prove the crime occurred. The incident must be against the will of the other person, making it unlawful. It also must involve the individual committing the crime abducting or confining the victim in some way. Finally, there must be an intent to hold this person against their will or otherwise remove that person from their own environment.

Understanding how kidnapping relates to domestic violence

Kidnapping can play a role in domestic violence when a person decides to take the other person away through force. It is the unwillingness of the victim in the situation to go with the other person that highlights how this is abuse and violence against him or her.

Many times, abusers will use kidnapping because they cannot get access to the person otherwise. They may abduct him or her as a way to get to them and get them away from others who are protecting them. Often kidnapping leads to more severe forms of abuse and even murder.