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A Game of Beauty Not of Numbers

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2018 | Firm News

BUT, I DIGRESS… (A Game of Beauty, Not of Numbers)

No, even for a lawyer, one’s world should not revolve solely around the law.  So, I will discuss golf in this article – in a rather philosophical fashion.  I welcome any comments.

Golf, in my estimation, is not all about the numbers.  So, sometimes I’ve been taken aback at the guy whose first question, when he finds out that I golf, is “what’s your handicap”?  I’m referring to the query of the stilted smartassy sort – the type that I don’t really see or speak to very often, and probably couldn’t enjoy being friends with anyway.  This is his way of sizing me up, or, actually, sizing himself up and me down.  Let me assure you, a handicap is not the sum of my or anybody’s golfing ability, let alone (and, more importantly) the quality of one’s golfing companionship.

So, how do I answer? “Golf is a game of beauty, not of numbers”.

Is it a number that governs my desire to come back to the course?  If so, I’d have quit long ago.  Conversely, hitting that 3 iron low and through a stand of timber, or hitting a high arching wedge shot over the top of waving leafy tree tops – all from the impossible lie – that’s beauty, and that brings me back.  Not my score.  Not my handicap.