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Pierce Law Firm PC, based in Norman, Oklahoma, is anchored by the private law practice of Terry L. Pierce, who, by handling dozens of jury trials and many hundreds of other cases since 1990, has cultivated tremendous personal mettle - a battle-hardened core with a mantle of diplomacy and finesse. Mr. Pierce's wit and intellectual stamina have been tested in the fires of prolonged trials and by the stress of continuous back-to-the-wall fighting for his clients. His trial success is directly related to his ability to understand and affect people's perceptions about other people and about facts. He exposes the small in the big, the weak in the powerful, the prey in the predator. Terry L. Pierce has spent his legal career persuading people to stop and question their own prejudices and agendas. This craft has universal applications, but Mr. Pierce has primarily devoted his talent to defending the injured and accused.

Your need for the right lawyer

Assuming you have recognized the need for legal counsel in the first place, finding the "right lawyer" can still be a great challenge.

Often, people begin looking for a criminal defense lawyer to represent them when they are confronted with a crisis. They may be dealing with the inquiries of a DHS investigator, police detective, the search of their home, custodial interrogation or an arrest for a criminal charge. You or your business may have just been served a summons to answer a lawsuit, or need to respond to a regulatory inquiry. The most common mistake is to choose a lawyer with the biggest Yellow Pages advertisement without conducting research into his or her background and experience. For instance, many lawyers purport to be actively engaged in criminal defense or personal injury, or general litigation, but have never set foot in front of a jury to try a single case. The bottom line is that there are many, many lawyers. You need the "right" one.

Your lawyer should be selected for his expertise and trial experience. His professional associations should be of a depth that he and his colleagues don't have to hesitate in advising you in the matter you called for. The "right lawyer" is the person who can draw on substantial experience with cases very similar to yours, and who can and will take action at once. He does not have to "look into it for a while" or "check the most recent court decisions." Often, there is only a short window of opportunity to take legal action in protection of your evidence and your rights. Terry L. Pierce and his affiliates know what to do immediately, act effectively and with little wasted effort or wasted money. View the Criminal Case History of Terry Pierce.

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