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Personal Injury

At Pierce Law Firm PC, all injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. You owe nothing to us until we get money for you.

After spending more than 30 years developing a successful criminal trial practice, Mr. Pierce's clients, and friends in the legal industry, suggested that his history of zealous advocacy for the disadvantaged should be put to use helping the injured. Victims of negligence have their rights violated on a daily basis because they go it alone, or go to battle with "phone book" attorneys who have never even stepped into a courtroom, let alone tried or negotiated truly "high stakes" cases. Helping injured people and their families is technically labeled "plaintiffs" work. Routinely, "plaintiffs" and their lawyers are publicly villainized by insurance companies and pharmaceuticals, and falsely blamed for the nation's soaring healthcare costs. In reality, it is the suffering people who are under siege - not the doctors, drug makers and insurance companies. Thus, Pierce Law Firm PC's work on behalf of the injured falls right in line with its "defense" mission.

Car wrecks, Train wrecks, Plane crashes, Medical malpractice, Nursing home care/injuries, Workers compensation, Catastrophic injuries, Slip & fall. All injuries, Mesothelioma, Transvaginal mesh injuries, Surgical mesh injuries, Birth injuries, Orthopedic surgeries, Anesthesia, Emergency medicine, Hospital nursing care, Cosmetic surgeries, Prescription drug mistakes, Psychiatric care and Eye surgeries.

At Pierce Law Firm PC, all injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we are compensated at the end of the case with a percentage of the recovery we obtain for the client. Terry L. Pierce and Pierce Law Firm PC may utilize affiliations with other law firms around Oklahoma and the United States in order to insure that our clients obtain the smartest, most formidable legal counsel with the knowledge and experience to take on your particular case anywhere in the nation. If the right lawyer for your case is not in our office, we'll go find the right lawyer and it won't cost you a dime or lessen your recovery. Affiliate lawyers and law firms are separately owned and operated. No other inference of connection with Pierce Law Firm PC is implied or represented. Pierce Law Firm PC does not assume any responsibility or liability express or implied as to any other affiliate office.

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