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I have reached out to Mr. Pierce a few times over the years, and each time he has made my problems his own.. all the while explaining to me whatever mess I was currently in- the legal labyrinth of hoops I needed to jump through, where to go, when to go there, what to keep with me, what to expect to go wrong, when to keep my head low- and all my options. In the past I have decided to represent myself, and in short- I felt as if I was taken wholly advantage of by overwhelming powers and opinions which I could not begin to contend with. That being said, it was a joy to watch Mr. Pierce work, he has obviously garnered several relationships across Oklahoma- and worked with an incredible amount of professionalism and charisma. Perhaps what I valued most was the way in which he communicated with me- with a willingness to thoroughly explain jargon, ordinances, the nature of people I might be working with, et cetera... Mr. Pierce would speak to me almost as if I were within his family, illustrating both my best course of action and his own, real sense of care- all the while letting me know that he would support whatever course of action I decided on. Excellent experiences all around, considering the circumstances- he is my go-to man if and when I get into trouble...

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– Paul Trafford

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