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Oklahoma v. PLZ/BMZ, Cleveland County, CM-2011-1122/1123 [Expunged from public record]

BMZ was driving his Corvette through a residential area when he was stopped by the police, then arrested for DUI. His wife, PLZ, was arrested for Possessing a Firearm While Intoxicated (gun in purse). Mr. Pierce filed pre-trial Motions to Suppress and Dismiss in both cases, asserting 1) that the police did not have the authority to stop BMZ since no officer observed BMZ break any law, nor could any officer articulate any suspicion that BMZ was breaking the law; and, 2) therefore, none of the criminal evidence that was gathered after the bad stop could be used against this couple. At a pre-trial hearing, the Judge agreed with Mr. Pierce that the stop was illegal, and suppressed all of the evidence against the couple. Whereafter, with no evidence to make its case, the State dismissed all charges against PLZ and BMZ. The police, also, had to give PLZ's gun back to her. This, truly, is what you call "getting the case thrown out".

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