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Oklahoma v. DMC, Cleveland County, CM-2011-1657 [Expunged from public record]

DMC, was clinically diagnosed with a schizoaffective disorder in 2008. One early morning in 2011 he was restless and awake, so he went to get some fast food. He was stopped for speeding. Because of DMC's mental condition, he did not respond to the OUPD officer's questions and commands according to the officer's expectations, so, he was arrested for DUI. Most police officers are ill-trained and hesitant to differentiate mental illness from behavior caused by substance abuse. Routinely, police force odd pegs into the few slots with which they are familiar - this time, the slot was DUI. Prior to trial, Mr. Pierce , using the reports of Psychiatrist Joseph M. Ripperger, MD, and Forensic Psychologist Shawn Roberson, PhD, presented the Cleveland County DA with compelling evidence that DMC's behavior was consistent with his mental illness and not consistent with acute intoxication. The District Attorney dismissed the case before trial.

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