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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much are your fees?

There are so many factors involved that it is impossible to give a price without discussing the exact nature of your problem. Fees may sometimes be fixed through a particular phase of representation (i.e. pre-filing representation, preliminary hearing, trial, etc.) based on the expected number of hours to be expended during that phase. Commonly, however, a retainer fee will be required to engage Mr. Pierce's services, then an hourly rate will be charged against the retainer. Fees vary with the complexity of the legal issues and facts that accompany each individual case. While initial consultations are not free - often, no advance payment is necessary for preliminary discussions about new matters. In Personal Injury and other contingency matters, there is never a fee to discuss your case - there's only a fee when we win.

2. Should I hire an attorney from the locality where I'm having trouble?

The quality of any attorney is not based on what state or county his office is located in. Best results in any case is dependent upon your attorney's knowledge of the applicable law, courtroom skills and diplomacy - not whether he is an old buddy of the local prosecutor or judge. If the lawyer with the most knowledge and experience is the local lawyer, go with him, and if he is the outsider, go with him still. Also see our Personal Injury page.

3. I already have an attorney, but can you tell me what you think about my case?

You owe your present attorney a reasonable opportunity to hear, discuss and attempt to resolve your problems first. If, after you have voiced your legitimate concerns about your case, he or she does not or cannot make you feel comfortable about his/her continued engagement, then inform that attorney that you would like to seek the opinion of other counsel. Until these courtesies are followed and express permission is granted by present counsel, Pierce Law Firm will not review, or offer advice in, any matter where an attorney-client relationship already exists.

4. If Mr. Pierce determines that I am guilty, will he lose interest in representing me?

Absolutely not! It is his calling to advocate for you - not to judge you. Where criminal laws are concerned, in the USA, it is the government's burden to prove guilt and impose punishment. In general, the government and even civil adversaries are frequently overzealous and high minded in their pursuits. The consequences for the losers can be unjustly harsh - whether deserved or not. So, level with your lawyer so that your case may be mapped appropriately, confess to your Maker so that your eternal destiny may be mapped appropriately; but say nothing to all others. If the opposition cannot prove it's side, then that's their problem. Mr. Pierce works for you!

5. Does Pierce Law Firm handle cases outside the area of criminal defense?

Known originally for outstanding criminal defense, The Pierce Law Firm, P.C. has come to be considered a general litigation firm. We offer civil litigation services in business and personal disputes, handle personal injury cases and defend the accused - All consistent with our mission to protect the individual's freedoms and to level the playing field for our clients in whatever competition they may find themselves. We also offer general counsel to business owners and other regular folks who just want to stay clear of the court system. Some may have legal needs that fall outside our regular practice. In those cases, we will refer them to other capable lawyers outside The Pierce Law Firm, P.C. who share our philosophy of client care.

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