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The best of prophets of the future is the past. -- Lord Byron (1788 - 1824)

However, facts differ from case to case, as do results. This report does not constitute a promise, prediction or guarantee regarding any future work. Pierce Law Firm PC can only promise to do its best to obtain the best result for its clients. Just a few of these results are listed here.

  • Oklahoma v. TDB, Cleveland County, CF-93-352/423/427/430/431/436.

    Represented Defendant in another landmark trial, as it was the first Oklahoma trial of alleged street gang members under the R.I.C.O. (racketeering) statutes. Besides racketeering, however, TDB was also tried simultaneously for eleven other crimes, including possession of cocaine, robbery by force, grand larceny and embezzlement. After 8 days of trial and the prosecutor's admonitions for a lifetime of prison, the jury acquitted TDB of racketeering and everything else but one count each of robbery, larceny and embezzlement. TDB spent only 3 years and a month in prison. Read On

  • Oklahoma v. CDB, Oklahoma County, CF-96-3674

    Defendant charged with 1st degree murder in alleged gang related car-to-car shooting. After nearly three days of trial proceedings, and vigorous cross-examination of a self-professed "eye-witness", CDB was acquitted after only 16 minutes of jury deliberation. Read On

  • Oklahoma v. RJL, McCurtain County, CRF-93-52

    Defendant charged with 1st degree murder of her 70 year old husband who she shot nearly 18 times as he sat on the floor eating a bowl of ice cream. This was a landmark trial in Oklahoma for being the first pre-appeal jury acquittal using the battered wife defense after that defense was accepted by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals. Read On

  • Oklahoma v. HDB, Cleveland County, CF-92-812

    Defendant charged with 1st degree murder and wrongfully convicted of 2nd degree murder because the trial judge, despite Mr. Pierce's strong vocal objections, made a legal error in allowing HDB's ex-wife to testify about a statement he made to her during their marriage. Conviction reversed by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals and sent back to the trial court where Mr. Pierce then obtained a full dismissal of the case. Read On

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